Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Royal Book Review Blog!

"That which does not kill us, makes us stronger!"

Today, as I awakened from a deep and restful slumber brought about by a long return from Europe, (from Brussels to LHR to San Francisco), I received several emails with troubling and upsetting contents.

Apparently, a royal reading blog insinuated that DEAR ELLEN did not fare well in sales at this year's RD Royalty Weekend. Some people questioned that assertion and emailed me about it. They and I were dealt with summarily by the blog's owner.

More than a bit shocked, as I know the sales numbers of all our venues, I contacted the excellent people of the Dutch Bookstore Hoogstraten English Bookstore. As I expected, they confirmed that the book had been their TOP seller at RD.

I replied to the owner of the message board in which the erroneous statement was made and instead of pleasantries, I was barraged with nasty emails and name calling. Of course, the owner of that blog was not interested in posting a correction to the misinformation she was lured into publishing. Sad, really.

Instead, the owner banned me from the message board. A First...I have never been banned from a board before, but feel proud to join others in cyber exile!

However, I embraced this act and while driving our son to school,  thought: "Embrace this...the Eurohistory Magazine has hundreds of book reviews, share them with people!"

So thank you...seriously thank banishment from that board gave rise to a new Eurohistory-owned blog:

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